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Company presentation

About us

Our company Stereotiki – Afoi Christou Pantelidi OE (Street St. Kazantzidi 56, PC 555-35, Tel: +302310 475072, 2310 322558 2310 327958, 2310 326566 2316009847 2316009848 2316009849 FAX: 2310 327957, email: all@stereotiki.gr) is a company that her base is at Thessaloniki, Greece. The expertise of this company is at Power tools and fixings. We moved all our grounds in the new premises at St. Kazantzidi 56. The company is founded by the father of Dimitrios and Ioannis Pantelidis by the year 1976 and it was called Stereotiki – Christos Pantelidis.

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B2C sales – eshop

The shop is mainly involved in retail business of tools and hardware and we have one of the oldest eshop of greece in this kind of business, www.stereotiki.gr. The eshop is just a fragment of the items that somebody can find in our shop. There is a great variety in fixings, screws, hex lag screws, plus (plastic, metal, chemical ones), hardware items,hand tools, power tools and their accessories.

Wholesale sales b2b

Our company is preparing to be more involved in wholesale sales with few and specific clients that can not be end users or even professional end users and only stritcly merchants. Our b2b webpage is: www.stereotiki.com. The access to this webpage will be under the condition that the one that would like to log in must be verified merchant.